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In response to demand from core Government and Enterprise customer groups, Pryvate has created a new version of the Pryvate app to support Closed User Groups (CUG). This allows an enterprise, a department or an ad-hoc CUG to benefit from the fully secured communications offered by the Pryvate app within their own boundary.

Creation of a CUG does not have to be within the boundaries of an organisation but may also include other parties. The Group administrator has the option to add in any users, who will receive their invitation to participate in the Group via email or SMS. While the Pryvate service will support many CUG’s, each will remain totally separate, not visible to any other group and with its users only able to see or communicate with other users in that CUG. In addition, as each group is separate they may use separate security policies within that group. A single user, however, may participate in more than one CUG from within the Pryvate Group Communicator client.

Functionality, in terms of the mechanisms to secure the communications paths, remains in place (for further detail, please refer to the Pryvate Data Sheet) however, certain changes to the user interface have been introduced to ensure a more intuitive experience within the CUG.

Customised Options Are Available

Listed Below are Some Examples:

  • No Dialer (key-pad). Pryvate Group Communicator shows a simple Contact List together with the status of the user (Online, Offline, Busy etc.). This presence information is received from the server and is completely transparent to the user.
  • The CUG also has no requirement for an Address Book, as all users will be shown in the Contact List. There will be no attempt to merge or detect other users from the Address Book of the device.
  • The Contact List is managed by an administrator and users cannot be added by individuals, even those already in the CUG. Admin create groups, they invite their users via email or SMS which simply contains a login (could be mail or phone) and a password.
  • Group Communicator also features a Broadcast channel. This allows Group chat and conference calling and is invoked through a special contact, added to the Contact list and shown as “Broadcast Channel.” This feature can be enabled or disabled for each user in the CUG, by the administrator.
  • Support for additional types of file transfer is also available within the Pryvate Group Communicator mobile app. This includes, documents, executable files and compressed files.
  • The Administrator for the CUG also has access to a broader range of functions above those available in the standard Pryvate service which will allow them to perform tasks such as Force Logout of a user or to wipe all application data from a user’s device.

Branding options are available for Pryvate Group Communicator, either branding that is unique to the CUG or a white label option to allow the business or service provider to include their logo and colour schemes in the client.


Posted in Pryvate Blog on May 09, 2017

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