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Cyber Security is Everyone’s Issue


The Ongoing Threat

  • Not just phishing (or spear phishing)

  • DDoS is ever present and an increasing threat with the rise of connected devices in the Internet of Things (e.g. Mirai Botnet)

  • Stingray/IMSI Catcher for mobile intercept

  • According to the Flashpoint Business Risk Intelligence Report, 2017 in 2016 Cyber Criminals increasingly directly targeted organisations

    • Gain information for insider trading
    • User databases (e.g. LinkedIn, Yahoo)
    • Fraud against financial institutions
  • According to the report such threats are “highly-likely to worsen the potential impact of successful attacks for both customers and targeted entities.”

How to Reduce the Threat?

  • There is no “One Size Fits All” solution to Cyber Security
  • Attacks vary and change on a regular basis
  • Often the best we can hope for is to educate our people and do what we can to mitigate the risk
  • One thing we can do is to protect our data and any data we hold pertaining to our customers via encryption
  • This will become law in May 2018
    • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Applies to all EU member states from 25 May 2018 (prior to Brexit)


Data Security using Encryption

  • According to the Internet Society (, “Strong encryption is an essential piece to the future of the world’s economy”
    • “Encryption is a technical building block for securing infrastructure, communications and information. It should be made stronger and universal…”
  • Thales 2017 Global Encryption Trends shows a continuing upwards trend for companies employing encryption a component of their cyber security policies.
    • This trend is often driven by the business leaders rather than the IT Department

Introducing Pryvate™

  • Pryvate™ delivers the full security of military-grade encryption for all your business communications
    • Voice & Video
    • Instant Messaging
    • Email
    • File storage & sharing


Pryvate™ Voice & Video

  • Peer-to-Peer encrypted voice, video and instant messaging
    • IOS & Android apps
    • Familiar phone & chat interface
  • High quality codecs give crystal clear call quality
    • Opus preferred for voice
    • H.264 preferred for video
  • Encryption & decryption is handled on the device
    • No keys are shared beyond those in the call
    • Unique keys generated for every call
    • RSA4096 & ZRTP encryption algorithms
  • Audio conferencing
  • Anti-blocking mechanism for global access
    • Real-time tunnelling of SIP & RTP into a single encrypted https connection
    • Uses flexible virtual tunnel architectures


Pryvate™ Voice & Video


Pryvate™ Instant Messaging (Chat)

  • Available from same mobile app
  • LIME (Lightweight Messaging) protocol for delivery & encryption
  • Picture & video sharing from mobile device
  • Group chat
  • Self-destruct mechanism
  • Screen-shot notification


Pryvate™ E-Mail

  • Add encryption to existing e-mail accounts
  • Platform agnostic: e-mails can be sent from desktop, laptop and mobile devices (Windows, Mac, IOS and Android)
  • Continue to use existing e-mail client
    • No need to retrain users
  • Encryption keys are created on the device for each individual e-mail
    • Never stored or known to Pryvate™
    • All communication between app and server is also encrypted
  • E-mail server plugin also available for encryption & decryption on the local (on-premise) server

Pryvate™ E-Mail


Pryvate™ Cloud

  • Store & share files protected by strong encryption
  • Files are encrypted locally before sharing
  • Share via email or store in Pryvate™ Cloud file-share service
    • May be hosted or on-premise
    • Similar to Dropbox or One Drive
  • Users manage file access using Contacts – Pryvate™ number or email as a locator
  • Email and mobile push notifications when a new file is shared
  • Secure webmail interface
  • Outlook plugin

Pryvate™ Cloud


Pryvate™ Packages


Why Pryvate™?

  • Unique solution to secure all your communications
  • No Capital expenditure required
  • Strongest encryption methods are used to ensure unbreakable security
    • Pryvate™ only uses true and tested public algorithms (that is, RSA4096 and AES256)
    • Meets, or exceeds, most stringent National Data Protection requirements (e.g. German BDSG)
  • Upcoming EU regulation mandates the integrity of personal data
    • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Comes into effect 25th May 2018
    • This is before Brexit!
  • A component part of your security compliance
  • Zion Certified “No Back Doors”

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