Secure Communications Suite

PryvateTM is a solution to empower your communications and ensure their privacy. Built on the premise that IP communications tools, such as VoiP and email, are inherently insecure, Pryvate™ is designed to ensure the total security of your communications. Pryvate™ supports all the most commonly used forms of IP-based communication and with tools across multiple platforms, Pryvate™ is an essential component of the security policy within modern business.

PryvateTM offers the strongest encryption available for voice, video, and instant messaging as well as a secure email and file sharing service in Pryvate™ Cloud. Apps are available for download in the major App stores(link to Apple& Android and online at ) and are designed with simplicity at their heart to ensure the user experience is not impacted by the addition of security.

What is unique about the Pryvate™ service is the way in which the encryption keys are managed. Voice, video and messaging are enabled as peer-to­-peer sessions (user to user}, thereby allowing keys to be generated only for the duration of that session. These keys are unique to that session and are not stored or even seen by Pryvate™. There are no servers handling any traffic between the two devices and all encryption is managed by the Pryvate™ application itself. In this way we can guarantee absolute security as there is no risk of any “man-in-the-middle” interception and our encryption is unbreakable.

Winner, 2016 Best Business App

Best Mobile App Awards

  • Peer-to-Peer secure communication
  • Mobile applications on iOS and Android
  • Network independent
  • HD Quality Codecs
  • Opus preferred for voice
  • H.264 or VP8 preferred for video
  • H.264 via Hardware accelerator
  • ZRTP & RSA 4096-bit asymmetric encryption for voice and video
  • Diffie-Hellman (DH) Key Exchange.
  • MDS & SHA512
  • iOS CallKit ready- seamless handling of Pryvate™ and GSM Calls
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Anti-Blocking mechanism ensuring Global service
  • LIME encryption for instant messaging
  • Combination of AES symmetric-key,Diffie­ Hellman,and SHA-1hash
  • Self destruct mechanism for instant messages
  • Group Chat
  • Picture and Video sharing

Pryvate™ Email

The Pryvate™ encrypted email solution permits any, or all of your email addresses to be designated as secure. Additionally, the service is agnostic, which means that secure emails can be sent from any platform to any other platform, such as Windows or Mac as well as iOS and Android mobile devices, using any email client of the user’s choice. Encryption keys are automatically created on your device, using true random number generation and secure algorithms,for each individual email and are never stored or known to Pryvate™.


PryvateTM Real Time Encrypted Communication Services for Voice, Video and Instant Messaging

The voice and video services are established using the Pryvatem communications platform. In addition to this, Pryvate™ implements RSA 4096 and ZRTP encryption for voice and video calling. ZRTP, which adds encryption capabilities to RTP and SRTP, was invented by Phillip Zimmerman, who also invented the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption service commonly used in email and file sharing. In using ZRTP, Pryvatem is empowering the users with uncrackable cryptography. The public keys used by ZRTP are only shared between the two parties and computations to crack the cipher, in the words of its inventor, would take many millions of times the age.


Instant messaging between Pryvate™ users is enabled through the same client. The LIME (Lightweight Messaging) Protocol is used to establish the instant messaging session and this also provides the ability for encryption to be implemented during the initial session setup. Pryvate™ also enables a self-destruct mechanism at the end of the session to ensure complete privacy.

The Pryvate™ service is completely agnostic and can be easily implemented as a compliment to the existing communications services of a business or user. It can be enabled over any network, including Wi-Fi and mobile,across multiple devices and operating systems and will be transparent to the user.

Nomadic Use: On-device Encryption & Decryption

  • Available on Desktop and mobile
  • Emails are encrypted and decrypted directly on the device via Pryvate™ Pro application or Outlook add-in
  • Separation of data and encryption material (out­-of-band communication)

Office-Based Use: Encryption & Decryption on E-mail Server

  • Emails are encrypted and decrypted on the email server via a Server Plugin
  • Emails are decrypted directly into the user mailboxes via the mail server
  • Encryption/decryption is transparent to the user {maintain the same email client)
  • Emails are transported via traditional SSL/TLS methods
  • Email are secured when leaving the office premise
  • All communication between client and server is fully encrypted
  • TLS-based AND RSA4096-protected
  • Return communication is protected by the AES 256-bit key that is sent to the server (RSA4096) and as such, can be read only by the server
  • New key generated for every communication between client and server
  • This solution requires the transport from the email client to the desktop user (on the LAN) to be secured

Pryvate™ Cloud

Pryvate Secure File Transfer allows you to send files and data protected by military-grade encryption from your personal device via email, or store in the Pryvate Cloud file-sharing program(similar to Dropbox or One Drive).

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