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We offer companies and executives industry-specific options that make Pryvate an easy-to-make choice for private communications no matter the industry. We also provide support services and feature integrations as part of a complete business solution. If you are in any of these industries you must consider your business communications privacy TOP PRIORITY. - HEALTH & MEDICAL, - FINANCE & ACCOUNTING, - BUSINES & INDUSTRY, - INSURANCE, - LEGAL


Pryvate™ PRO CPA

Wealth Managers/Private bankers/investment bankers may use the Pryvate platform to not just keep their dealings private but can also use the notarization as proof of moment of a transaction. This will allow NO discussion as to the moment a transaction was sanctioned/approved. Having an overview of bank statements/transactions as well as contracts and documents in a trustworthy fashion AND using a technology that allows any customer to use it without prior IT knowledge is key. Pryvate will enhance your privacy anytime, anyplace anywhere.


As a Wealth Manager I have to be able to reach my customers, 24/7 to be able to discuss imminent or even immediate actions required to optimize my customer’s financial well-being.
Key elements of our relationship are trust, confidentiality, privacy and speed, all elements that PRYVATE helps me enhance.

When I work with a client I need to be able to reach the person, fast, reliably and with certainty that I am talking to the right person. I will know I have reached the right member of the PRYVATE community when the client picks up the phone in the PRYVATE app. This is a major advantage for me AND my clients. Sharing a short document or drawing over video is also a major advantage. This is a way of conveying sensitive information without a trace.
Sharing contracts and pictures/documents in such a way that only the true recipient can open them is something addictive, something I wouldn’t want to miss out on ever again. Cherry on the pie is that I also get a notification of opening so no more denying that one has received (and opened) the document as PRYVATE notarizes all use of communications.
All information between us and our client is confidential and has to be treated as such, at all times, so paper files are no longer the way forward. Digital files/communications pose a problem in themselves and PRYVATE is a full solution without a need for technical or IT Security knowledge. Even the cost of PRYVATE is easy to bear at less than $6/month/account.
PRYVATE’S seamless and ease of setup enables even non-technical personnel to set up a private, secure and impenetrable shield around their communications in just a few minutes. When we started deploying it we got a 95%+ acceptance rate.
Specific for our field of business is the secure and confidential reporting of account data, transaction reports as well as profit reportings. These can now be send to your usual mail client as they are perfectly protected by a state-of-the-art encryption, transparent for the user


Pryvate™ Pro Legal.

PryvatePro LEGAL is designed for Attorneys and clients; features Military-Grade-Encryption services for voice, chat, video calls, group voice calls, email, file-sharing, and decentralized browsing. Back-end management options; billing and document signatures. Decentralizing services and development of PVC (PryvateCoin) use in a reverse mine lockbox/reward system rewards all users


Representing one’s country abroad presents a host of issues not the least privacy of one’s business and private life. Keeping scheduling information, discussions of sensitive economical or political information, shielded from people who have no business knowing this information plus having a trace when and where info has been accessed and by whom, make this a great help for the security forces having to protect diplomats and embassy personnel and their relatives around the globe.

Embassy personnel lives in a foreign country, friendly or less so and that means there are a number of strict rules and regulations that are at play. Furthermore a lot of the embassy personnel has their family with them and these need to be safe as well. This duality leads to a number of unique requirements on communication and interactivity between state officials and their families

Embassy personnel often has sensitive or confidential information of an economic or political nature in their possession. When this information either resides in their email accounts (eg : Hillary Clinton’s current scandal ) and isn’t adequately protected or is stored on the device unprotected this can be retrieved by hackers or through theft of the device. While using PRYVATE can’t protect against hijacking or use of force it WILL protect your data and schedules as well as your calls. When you call your family, what you say or what you agree is protected against snooping so no-one knows their whereabouts and you can be sure you spoke to the person you intended speaking to. Same goes for business where unlike with family you might not know the person on face value but you can trust PRYVATE to only connect you to the correct person. No-one else will be able to break into the communication, not even PRYVATE!

Our people feel much better protected knowing that they can communicate the way they have always done while PRYVATE takes care of securing their voice and data calls. Hassle free, easy, fast and reliably having the same encryption and authentication available with no brain wrecking special codes or keys to mess around with. The account you get will work on all your devices so you don’t even have to think what device to take as the license allows you to install it on ALL and it will work seamlessly on all. That’s ease of communication!


A lawyer may use Pryvate to communicate with his/her clients. The level of confidentiality required when communicating is high, as details of these conversations could potentially damage the case or outcome. When a lawyer can speak, IM and e-mail in confidence that the information communicated is secured and only seen/heard by the intended party, this will offset the cost easily. The level of discretion/privacy offered by PRYVATE is unparalleled and will work as well for the technically savvy as indeed for the laymen.

A lawyer is in a position of trust. This position of trust needs to be maintained if the lawyer wants to be able to win new accounts, keep existing customers coming back building a reputation of reliability and confidentiality. In the end this boils down to privacy and dependability.

I, as a legal representative, working for people that are either accused of criminal facts, need advise on a divorce or need other legal representation, am often the only person who accused can rely on. Anything that helps build this trust is a bonus.

Being able to have a conversation that is private, by using PRYVATE, can’t be overheard or taped is a valuable asset. A conversation that can be turned into a videocall on the flick of a switch can help assure both parties that no other people are present in the room when confidential information is discussed.

This non-recreatable link can also serve to share strategic, visual information, showing a graphic or other visual material that can shed a new light on an angle in an investigation.

Having a non-breakable email conversation with a suspect or for that matter with anyone seeking information in a confidential matter, can prove invaluable. No snooping or using of information against the person due to unbreakable encryption. No information can be intercepted as no one else, other than the recipient can open the message.

For me these tools have to be non-technical, non-invasive and have to be self-updating. I need to be able to rely on the identity of my customers and on being able to keep all communications private. No PRYing, NO leaking of information, traceability and that’s exactly what I have found in PRYVATE. Their platform keeps my relations with my customers happy and PRYVATE!


Pryvate™ Pro Industrial

Private Corporations who seek to install a low-cost and secure communications platform amongst their professionals to ensure that their employees are communicating in a secure and low cost manner at the same time their long distance/international bills get cut because of the use of the secure communication platform. Added benefit, you never have to doubt that you are speaking to the right person, as the communication is encrypted and identity of recipient is verified before the conversation starts.


Every company is owner of sensitive information.
As a CEO I have a constant stream of information that goes in and out of my company. Some is sensitive of nature other is only time sensitive. Knowing where I was last month is less important than knowing where I will be next month. Knowing what I have discussed with who is sometimes critical for our rating on the stock exchange or to block a hostile takeover but just as much it will have an impact on our employees motivation. Hence the need for secure communications.
I speak daily several times with my PA and a lot of this is confidential. She arranges my travel, gets messages through to me while filtering who speaks to me directly so not just my comms need to be secure but so does hers. We were happily surprised to find that with every paid account PRYVATE would give us a second one for free under the motto : “no man is an island”…
This shows how they think customer focused.
Like so many other companies we already have a content management system and back-up facilities in place and our IT was pleased to find that NO changes were required to incorporate the PRYVATE platform in to our infrastructure . Pryvate management is effortless to set-up and the user authentication at activation is fully automated after which the system runs unattended in the background letting our users communicate without having to worry about the security elements. Truly a great solution giving us total peace of mind and free secure communications Globally across the network.
PRYVATE’s development team even neatly integrated an anti blocking mechanism in so that when stuck on a VoIP unfriendly network you can use all features of this impressive communication’s suite anywhere!

CASE STUDY - Bespoke Telecom

As a bespoke telecom company we try to offer our customers as wide a range of products and services as possible. A customer will not sign up just to place a call or to be able to read mail. These days our customers are demanding quality and security of service with the market becoming ever more demanding. With Pryvate we can offer our customers security and low cost along with an amazing quality of service:

  • Excellent voice quality
  • No interruptions or cut outs
  • Ease of use
  • Privacy
  • Video and messaging
  • Secure mail

These make up a base portfolio nowdays and as such we are always looking for the one special edge we can offer our customers and with PRYVATE we have found just that.
It is a low cost, high gain product that allows us to cater for the needs of the consumer, the business man and even the government, better than any traditional telecom operator. A small monthly fee insures you of continuous service and even when you decide to no longer need it and you get either a call or message from another PRYVATE account thanks to PRYVATE lite you can still stay in touch
24/7 availability and available on all your devices for just one fee are a key component of the PRYVATE platform. It is an install and never gets in the way kind of system that allows the user to get his/her communications in order. It fits in with corporate back-up and protection and provides management tools tuned to the size of the company. While at the same time catering for the private user, who can use the same tool to communicate safely and securely with business partners and colleagues but also with the family.
That’s the kind of tool we want to provide especially since PRYVATE is ease on the user, taking care of all the MAGIC of encryption so the user has no retraining of extra education requirement. Install and use, no worry should be their motto!

Pryvate™ Pro Health

Medics, Policemen, Security guards, and other security service providers needing to coordinate with their colleagues in the knowledge that they are not being monitored by gangs or hackers.


Military and Law enforcement have a need for secrecy and direct communication. PRYVATE provides all elements of military encryption as well for voice as for data. Due to the low bandwidth requirements of the PRYVATE platform our enforcers can rely on clear communications as well as on a total security coverage. Tactical plans can be discussed without the fear of intercept.

Advanced encryption with keys that change for every message and every recipient allow a very granular security to be deployed without the need of a degree in higher mathematics. Our enforcers just have the app installed and all the ins and outs of security get automatically added in the background. The user simply communicates and PRYVATE takes care of the fancy bits…

Set-up takes seconds and the reward is instantaneous. Using the “corporate” install procedure and positively identifying every enforcer that joins makes the process of authentication easy. Encrypting every conversation, video and email with every changing encryption keys would require massive support when done with PGP or any of the existing PKI based systems, currently in use with many law enforcement agencies, while the overhead of PRYVATE is the one time install on the mobile device of choice. This simplicity leads to less user error, less fall out or lack of enthusiasm in using yet another app.
We use the app in the field as well as on patrol. We can send pictures or capture video, which can’t be intercepted and communicate between patrol units as well as with HQ. No need to know each other’s secrets and due to the nature of the system you can’t spill the beans as no communication can be sent to a non-member. So one is always communicating with the right person and PRYVATE will notarize the communication so you have irrefutable proof of when you contacted the other party. A fact that is important to build a timeline in case of disaster.
Having sensitive information at hand that may allow you to identify a perpetrator or allowing you to double check some details without giving away information, even on a potentially compromised device, is a major asset and will also have potential exposure to liability…


Pryvate™ Pro Retail

Having an on-line presence means that one has to care for the security of the customer even more so than when someone enters our store. So we take all available measures, HTTPS instead of HTTP, safe location to treat credit card transactions and communicate securely.


We evolve with the need but now there is a tool we can use to get ahead of the curve, a tool we start to use with our best customers, with people that return and want rare, valuable of special wishes items. When our transactions warrant discretion or outright privacy we put customers on PRYVATE. This gives us a major advantage over competition as our customers now communicate exclusively with us… It means they don’t have to think about the cost of a long distance call, about someone finding out what they want to order, it is much more direct (exclusive) than using a forum and makes our customers feel appreciated.
Both parties are certain that they are dealing with the right party, agreements sent become notarized and as such proof of time of transaction is right there but also discussion about who sent
what when are no longer possible, it is part of the system.
We have even engaged actively with PRYVATE to become a reseller of the platform as our customers like it so much they want to be able to communicate with others as well.

Last month we have launched our PRYVATE circle where we have put our most valuable customers in touch with each other over PRYVATE, a move that has proven golden as we see much more requests coming in from them now. Where before these people didn’t want to have their preferences spread all over a forum they now can freely communicate as it is now private!
Our service department uses it now as well and customers are surprised as to the improved voice quality, the sharpness of the videos and the speed with which it all works.
In all it has allowed us a s a company to appear much more organized, more structured and be at the forefront of digital commerce as we provide security at a much higher level than competition and all that without making life more complicated for the user.


As journalist we face several problems concerning privacy. We have to be able to safeguard the identity of our sources. We have to keep our developing materials secure and private so as to not needlessly “inspire” colleagues. We have to keep material close to our chest to be able to put out an article before any other reporter/news agency(SCOOP)
All of the above means we have to be a point of trust so that our informants feel safe talking to us. PRYVATE, where all users are in a “anonymous” pool and can freely talk to each other without intervention or interaction with the servers, is a perfect tool to provide the anonymous environment that keeps our sources safe.
Our equipment is no longer the weak link, in Holland we have had several cases where our news cast cars were broken into and Tablets and computers where stolen, to find stories we were preparing, pop up a while later containing some or all of the stolen material. With the encryption guaranteed by PRYVATE we do not have to care for this. As long as we have a back-up, an automated process with email, where a copy can sit (encrypted and safe) on the server… If material gets stolen the stolen copy is worthless because it is encrypted to such a level that retrieval is impossible.
A photo sent to the editor is now safe from theft and when I call in the scoop nobody can listen in on the conversation or beat me to the punch.
I usually keep a few investigative cases on my system for dead moments or just when I get some inspiration and PRYVATE now gives me the comfort and peace of mind that nobody will steal my ideas and stories.