Pryvate™ Case Studies From Personal Experience

Are you looking to protect yourself, your family and friends from invasions on your privacy and security? Protect your private communications from prying ears/eyes, hackers & more with Pryvate™! Secure Seamless Military Grade Encryption for your voice calls, video calls, instant messaging, picture sharing, file sharing and emails! Protect confidentiality, privacy, trade secrets, health, emotional, economical or other sensitive communications.



Concerned parents and partners

Pryvate™ is great for any individuals who would want to make sure that communications with their loved ones is not subject to criminal prying or hacking

While my family is not famous, none of my kids are celebrities nor have we ever been on TV. I don’t want our private lives being pry-ed into by thugs. My youngest, doesn’t have his own smartphone yet but regularly uses mine or my wife’s to play games. We do not want any of our sensitive files on the phone to get accidentally uploaded onto the internet, Facebook or … To avoid this, any sensitive information on our phones is protected by PRYVATE. This keeps our 4 year old from sending unintentional messages to people not in our circle of trust. If he ever manages to lose the phone, again no real harm done…

Our daughter, my wife and I can communicate safely on schedules and when our daughter has to return home later than foreseen, nobody is able to read her messages. When we need to speak we can do so PRYVATE-ly. My son is fascinated by our secret communications and feels like James Bond, an added bonus, as it makes sure that he uses the PRYVATE way to call or message us. In the life of a ten year old this is a major event and for us it means he communicates privately without us having to drill it down.

Also, with so many phones in our household, when we are away we still use PRYVATE which keeps our communication costs low, as the app is very economical with data used and there are no associated call charges.

All of us benefit from having PRYVATE on our phones. It has streamlined our communications and has caught on with our friends and family who now use the same, spreading the secure feeling , one friend at the time…



Gamers can rely on the added security offered by Pryvate to Identity Protection as well as secure and authenticated communication. In the gaming world the “built” character as well as the environment created by the gamer is worth money and prestige, linking your profile to PRYVATE allows you exclusive access. Due to the low bandwith requirement of the voice and video channels in PRYVATE we can guarantee crisp communication while optimizing the available bandwith for the game experience. As both parties are part of the PRYVATE network no faking can take place without irrefutable proof of such.


High Profile Individuals

All individuals whose career or status affords them a visible public profile (e.g., media/sports, professionals), and thus have a heightened risk of being targeted and hacked. Paris Hilton’s phone was hacked several times and info stored on the phone abused. A designer for a car company leaves an incriminating report in the clear on his stolen phone, a design for a new supercar/plane/… gets compromised because a tablet with this info on it gets misplaced and gets in the hands of the wrong people… all this can easily be protected by use of PRYVATE without making the life of the user more complicated.

It’s No Secret, We Deserve PRIVACY!

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