Pin Encrypted Mobile Protection

Pin Encrypted Mobile Protection

Pin-Encrypted Mobile Protection

Pryvate™ is a user-friendly APP that once installed, will revolutionise your communications!

We have taken steps to secure every aspect of the app and added best-of-breed security to each element. As voice and video share the same root, we have treated them equally in our platform and have also added secure protection for instant messaging.

With our triple layered secure voice component, users experience quality voice and video communications, incorporating RSA4096 encryption intermingled with AES and DH key exchange as a MiM flag.

In addition to this, our secure communications platform also has an integrated encrypted email component. The component mail is not a mail client at all, as it only contains the protection mechanism required to make your email safe and secure. No unsecured data will ever leave the device, but encryption data will be stored separately with Pryvate™. By separating the two elements, we have built in an added layer of security. This results in no need for users to input additional SMTP/POP3 settings when setting up their email client.

Additionally, we have an extra layer of security. To protect access to our App there is a PIN that acts as an extra activation code – making eavesdropping impossible.

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