Pryvate™ Encrypted Instant Message (IM)

Pryvate™ Encrypted Instant Message (IM)

IM Encryption

The number of hackers and government agencies that may be monitoring your online conversations, including your instant messages, has never been higher. And if anybody wanted to, they would not find it too difficult: if you’re using an open wireless connection, there are many free software packages that can intercept unencrypted instant messages (IM). Even password-protected wireless networks leave you vulnerable to monitoring by your broadband or software providers. It is therefore essential that you consider your online security when it comes to IM – whether you use it for personal or business purposes.

What is IM Encryption?

Off-The-Record (OTR) messaging is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide encryption for IM conversations. It ensures that the messages do not have digital signatures and therefore cannot be monitored.

Secure IM Encryption from Pryvate™

The Pryvate™ IM encryption software enables all your messages to be encrypted by automatically creating an encryption key on your smartphone for that session. It is compatible with internet connections using 3G and 4G, EDGE, GPRS, LTE, UMTS, HSPA, W-CDMA and Wi-Fi, and it works on a peer-to-peer basis with no servers in the middle – so no record of any message or conversation is stored by us or anyone else.

The application operates in standard unencrypted mode for normal conversations. If a secure conversation is required, the user activates secure mode, which initiates an authentication phase, allowing the user to verify the identity of the other party through a pre-arranged password, question and answer combination, or fingerprint. Once authenticated, the application generates short-lived session-based encryption keys, providing secure communications and perfect forward security (that is, the discovery of a past key does not compromise the security of future sessions). During secure IM conversations, digital signatures are removed and logging disabled to ensure deniability.

To ensure complete privacy, Pryvate™ uses a combination of the latest cryptographic techniques, including AES symmetric-key, Diffie-Hellman and SHA-1 hash algorithms. Additionally, user sessions are automatically deleted after a session is terminated. There are no records of any IM conversation, resulting in your personal and business IM communications being completely secure.

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