Feb 28
Feb 27
Feb 20

Great news for iOS users!

Great news The current version 7 release is up and running. With 64-bit App Architecture the app is more stable and faster. Unfortunately this version of the app won’t work on 32-bit iOS Devices, below are a list of supported devices. However, if you have a 32-bit iOS Device like... read more →
Feb 05
Oct 23

Pryvate IM with Self Destruct

Hello, Pryvate have proudly released its latest version of its multi-stack secure communications platform which now enables the Sender to remain in full control of his information even after he has sent it and its been delivered and present on the Recipients device ! . The Additional Benefits of Pryvate... read more →
Sep 19
Sep 18

Pryvate Group Communicator

In response to demand from core Government and Enterprise customer groups, Pryvate has created a new version of the Pryvate app to support Closed User Groups (CUG). This allows an enterprise, a department or an ad-hoc CUG to benefit from the fully secured communications offered by the Pryvate app within... read more →
Sep 18

Secure Communications Suite

PryvateTM is a solution to empower your communications and ensure their privacy. Built on the premise that IP communications tools, such as VoiP and email, are inherently insecure, Pryvate™ is designed to ensure the total security of your communications. Pryvate™ supports all the most commonly used forms of IP-based communication... read more →
Jul 11

‘Black phones’ increase likelihood of hacking

KPMG argues that super-secure devices will be red flag to criminals Auditor and professional services firm KPMG has warned that the use of stealth “black phones,” like the recently unveiled Boeing Black, may make people a bigger target for hackers. Stephen Bonner, partner at the Information Protection and Business Resilience... read more →
May 29
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