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Is YOUR Phone Safe?

Hackers can attack your phone via 76 popular iOS apps. Pryvate recommend that iCloud backup should be turned off wherever possible . http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4203180/Hackers-attack-phone-76-popular-iOS-apps.html
Feb 06

Groups that need Privacy

Sexual and Gender-Based Rights Activists In many countries, LGBT individuals rely on encryption tools for their safety. Uganda’s LGBT activists use and teach encryption, for example, because death threats have been directed against some members of the LGBT community in their country and there have been several attempts to pass... read more →
Dec 29
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Facebook Secret Messages…Not So Secret

Facebook Secret Messages…Not So Secret. Facebook is launching a secure messaging service but there are numerous potential pitfalls with the service that users should be aware of that may make you vulnerable to hackers or surveillance programmes. Most contentiously, users must opt-in to the feature before being able to use... read more →
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