Pryvate™ Enterprise

One Account that Encrypts your Landline as well as your Mobile Communications, File Transfer and File Storage

Do you want to safeguard your information with an enterprise-grade security service? Pryvate™ can protect your confidential business communications from malicious hackers, corporate spies criminal extortionists and other sinister forces.

As well as unbreakable encryption for your mobile voice and video calls, emails and instant messaging, file sharing and storage, this option includes both a secure landline and anonymous internet browsing.

This is achieved by PryvateLine: a simple internet-based system that can be installed on virtually any network. All you have to do is plug in a preconfigured phone, register it and it’s ready to go – encrypted voice and video calls with other Pryvate subscribers in an instant!

The service also provides authentication, encryption, forward secrecy and deniability for internet browsing. Pryvate does this by using its proprietary “encrypted tunnels” technology. This allows your business, your family and your friends to access the internet in perfect safety. What’s more, our applications configure most features of PryvateLine automatically, so user can rely on it without being aware that it’s there.

The Pryvate™ IP Desktop Phone (Only £199)

*Sold Seperately

Pryvate Communications introduces PryvateLine, a simple-to-use IP desktop phone that is fully secured and can be installed on virtually any internet-enabled network. The user just plugs in the preconfigured handset and it’s ready to go.

More About Enterprise

What’s Included?

Secure Private Voice

Secure Private Video

Secure Private IM

Secure Private Email

Secure File Transfer

Secure File Storage

Pin-Encrypted Privacy

Multiple-User Management

Secure IP Line

Secure Conference Calls

Encryption Features

  • Seamless security integration
  • The strongest encryption on the market today
  • Applies to voice, video, IM, email, file transfer and file storage
  • Anti-blocking enables communication through tough firewalls and aggressive operators
  • No encryption keys stored by (or known to) Pryvate™
  • Crystal clear voice calling and video conferencing
  • Works across 3G and 4G networks including Wi-Fi
  • Corporate pricing available for multiple team members

The system offers triple-layered, 4,096-bit encryption on a business’ existing infrastructure. This means that there is no need to retrain staff or implement changes to procedures. The transition is seamless: just access the app and communicate as normal.

Want to know what types of business can benefit from Pryvate™?

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Finally secure on-the-go meetings, from airports, hotels, mobile networks Wi-Fi spots, etc. Absolute security of calls and messaging including secure conference and video meetings. All from my office and/or on the go!
- J Anderson, USA

Get Pryvate™ Enterprise for just $13.99/month!

Get Enterprise

Pryvate™ now for all of your personal and professional needs

Review each plan and choose which works best for you!

Pryvate™ Enterprise

for Mobile & Desktop

Multiple Accounts

$13.99per month
  • Secure Private Voice
  • Secure Private Video
  • Secure Private IM/Picture Share
  • Secure Private Email
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Secure File Storage
  • GUI to Manage Accounts
  • Self Destruct Instant Message
  • Anti Blocking
  • Online Support
  • Screenshot Notification
  • Pryvate Line Desktop
    *Hardware not included

“Finally a product I trust. Pryvate™ is just what I was looking for.
I use this app every day and love the freedom…”

– B Hunter, USA

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