Pryvate™ Key Management

Pryvate Key Management

Pryvate Key Management

Pryvate’s™ frontend applications will be supported by a backend registration service for voice and instant messaging, and information on a user’s presence and availability. Servers will be established to store and synchronise keys within the Pryvate/Criptyque Ltd network.

Anonymous browsing is achieved through a network of globally distributed servers that route traffic on a random path between the user’s device and the internet site being accessed, anonymising the source address on each hop.

The backend services are supplied by Criptyque’s server pools, which will initially be located on a single-site, but will be expanded to form a globally distributed service. The global roll-out will have no impact on the customer’s experience as the distribution of traffic to the distributed services will be handled through DNSs and so will require no change to the applications.

Initially the DNS services will be supplied through a third party, but an internal DNS service will be set up before switching all device traffic to the Pryvate/Criptyque network. The decision to switch will be based on the number of customers, the types of service in use and the cost of maintaining a global server network.

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