Pryvate™ Key Technical Data

Pryvate Key Technical Data

Pryvate™ uses the ZRTP protocol to establish encryption keys for voice, video and instant messaging. This enables subscribers’ handsets to negotiate a key between themselves – so it is never known to Pryvate. Furthermore, a new key is generated for each call or IM session, which means that the discovery of previous keys does not compromise future ones (this is known as ‘forward secrecy’).

For our secure email transfer and storage solution, the subscriber’s private email key is stored on the device and protected by a personal password that is never divulged to Pryvate.

In regions where voice over internet and instant messaging are blocked by operators or governments, the system will automatically re-route them over the secure, encrypted and private network provided by our software.

What’s more, our software will automatically present the host with Pryvate’s public IP address so that it does not detect the subscriber’s actual address, which it could use to deduce their physical location.

All aspects of security are considered when you use Pryvate.

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