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Pryvate Secure IP Line

Pryvate IP Desktop Phone

Pryvate Communications introduces its Pryvate IP Desktop Phone, PryvateLine,  a simple to use IP Desktop Phone that is fully secured and can be installed on virtually any Internet enabled network. The user will just plug in the preconfigured phone and it is ready to go. Secure Voice and Video!

Once the PryvateLine is registered for the service, users can then make voice and video call to other users on the Pryvate network, both PryvateLine and Pryvate App users. From the PryvateLine desktop users can dial any Pryvate users who are registered on phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

PryvateLine prevents eavesdropping on communications and internet access by third parties, providing authentication, encryption, perfect forward secrecy and deniability. PryvateLine also provides end users with anonymous browsing via encrypted tunnels when accessing the internet. It’s this proprietary architecture design that enables safe and anonymous browsing protecting business, family, Friends and children. Our applications automatically configure the majority of features requiring minimal configuration by the end user for ease of use.

Network Diagram

Network Components


This is the central registrar for the PryvateLine users. Each phone will be registered to this Proxy using secure encryption protocols, and then will be able to communicate with other registered users and services on the network


This is the centralized provisioning server for all PryvateLines. This server contains the provisioning file for each phone profile that gets registered on the network. This allows for centralized control, mass provisioning and software updates of all phone on the network.

Each PryvateLine will be initially setup with just the domain name of our TFTP server inside. When the user subscribes to PryvateLine and signs up for an account, the MAC address of the PryvateLine is then linked to their account and the Billing system passes the account credentials (phone number, service plan id, etc) to the TFTP server, which at that moment writes the new provisioning configuration file, and PUSHES it live to the PryvateLine, which then automatically registers.

PryvateLines Specifications

PryvateLines will be GXV3175v2 Touchscreen IP Multimedia Phone.

The GXV3175 v2 is an innovative IP multimedia video phone with a 7 inch touchscreen LCD, perfect for video calling for both office and home use. HD audio and an advanced megapixel CMOS camera allows for high quality calls and video conferencing. Multimedia applications, such as music streaming, adds both fun and productivity. Some features include:

  • 7 inch resistive touch screen color LCD (800×480), mega pixel CMOS camera with privacy shutter
  • Dual switched 10M/100M Ethernet ports with integrated PoE, integrated WiFi (802.11b/g/n)
  • High fidelity full-duplex speakerphone with high performance acoustic echo canceller


  • We will need to configure the existing Flexisip servers to allow routing to registered PryvateLine user on the network.
  • Additional logic will need to be added to the backend to handle PryvateLine, as iot relates to billing and provisioning


By combining our highly secured encrypted communications solutions across landline and mobile ensures your privacy whilst in the office and on move.

“Finally a product I trust. Pryvate™ is just what I was looking for.
I use this app every day and love the freedom…”

– B Hunter, USA

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