Pryvate™ Secure File Transfer & Storage

Pryvate™ Secure File Transfer

Secure File Transfer

If you need to eliminate the risk that any files you transfer will be intercepted while in transit, Pryvate™ has the ideal solution. Pryvate Secure File Transfer allows you to send files and data protected by military-grade encryption from your personal device via email, or by using file sharing programs such as Dropbox, One Drive, or Box.

What Makes Pryvate so Secure?

The Pryvate platform allows for secure file transfers to be stored without being sent. Files can be stored in an encrypted form on a mobile device, or on storage media such as CDs, DVDs and USB flash drives. The decryption key is never located on the same device or file location. This means that if you should, for example, have your data stolen, the culprit will not be able to break into your files. Without the need to ‘send’ files to ensure their encryption, secure file transfers can be made via the Pryvate™ app with no limit on file size (as you would usually experience with email). Decryption is accomplished using the same method as encryption and so no extra software is required. What’s more, the key material can’t be compromised as it never resides with the encrypted file.

The file storage component of Pryvate also works when you want to encrypt a very large file and have it handed to a third party on a storage device. The Pryvate app will automatically encrypt your file and store it in the inbox of the app; when the recipient has the file, they simply click the .pry message and the app works its magic. So file transfers are made securely, privately and safely.

Combine this with disk encryption to have a foolproof system for safeguarding confidential or sensitive information. Whether you have the recipe for your favourite curry or the designs for a nuclear fusion reactor, with this system it is always available to you and never available to prying eyes.

Pryvate™ Secure File Storage

Pryvate™ Secure File Storage

Secure File Storage

As part of the secure file transfer process, Pryvate™ secure file storage can protect your personal or corporate files utilising secure military grade encryption. Whether you are storing your files on a device, PC, laptop or using a file share programme such as Dropbox or BOX, Pryvate™ will ensure that your files are encrypted and safe from any potential hackers, corporate espionage or the competition.

Encrypted files are stored without being ‘sent’ as with traditional email. The Pryvate™ application allows the encrypted files to be securely stored on your device. They can also be stored securely on external devices such as CD/DVD’s or USB devices. The decryption key is never located on the device/location therefore your securely stored files are safe. If your device should be lost or stolen you can feel confident that your files cannot be compromised.

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