Nothing can pry into Pryvate™

Available on iOS & Android

100% secure communication

  1. 1. SignUp to Pryvate Corporate Service and Pay as per its pricing >>>

  2. 2. LOGIN to the Corporate Dashboard >>>

  3. 3. Go to Add User Tab in the Panel

  4. 4. Enter the mobile phone number/email of the user to be added.

  5. 5. An SMS will then be sent to the user inviting them to transfer their Pryvate account to the Corporate Account.

  6. 6. The invitee needs to accept the Corp Request received on his Mobile within 24 Hours. Once accepted, the invitee becomes a Subuser under that Pryvate Corp Account, and can enjoy all Pryvate services.

How Many Users Should I add?

We recommend that you subscribe the full number of users that you feel need access to your private business network.

Pryvate Corp Pricing?

Please use the drop down bar to choose the number of user accounts you require:

Number of users:

What Happens after the SMS invite has been sent out?

Subject to there being sufficient account availability, if the user accepts the invite, the user account will be transferred to the Corporate Account.

Who pays for the user account?

As the Corporate Account now manages the user account, the Corporate Account will pay monthly for that user.

How Long is Invite Valid for?

The invite SMS is only valid for 1 day.

What happens if the user rejects the Invite?

If the user rejects the offer, then he will be immediately removed from the Corporate user queued list.

Is the 30-day free trial still valid for the user?

No. We currently do not offer a 30-day free trial on our Corporate accounts.

How do I cancel my Corporate Account?

Your private communications network will end if there are insufficient account funds. You can always re-establish your network by adding the appropriate funds.

Any More Questions?

If you have any further questions, please email [email protected] Pryvate™ Now Team

Who Is Pryvate™

Based out of Jersey Channel Islands, Pryvate™ is a communications security solution that is delivered as an App for ease of use by our customers. Our aim is to cement Pryvate’s position as an industry leader, always one step ahead of the potential threat.