About Pryvate™

Key Points

- Pryvate™ solves one of the critical and all encompassing problems confronting the world today – the endless intrusion into, and violation of, our personal and commercial communication.
- Pryvate™ secures all your daily digital communications – voice, IM, email, web browsing.
-Pryvate™ protects you and your family by allowing them to surf the web in complete privacy, safe from intruders, stalkers, and predators.
-Pryvate™ provides the solution for every individual to take responsibility for protecting the internet.

The Team

Our team of professionals are dedicated to making Pryvate™ your #1 source for privacy protection. We have a complete group of developers educated in technology, business solutions and creative design that will make your expirience all you expect it to be.

With forward thinking developments, rooted in blockchain and cryptocurrency, we are charging forward with a complete decentralized solution that will keep delivering your data and private information, as securly as can be.

Instruction In Motion

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What is Pryvate™?

Established in 2013
Pryvate™ takes very seriously the threat by criminals to undermine the proper and useful purpose of the Internet.
Professionals in the Communications Technology industry accept that inadequate or faulty security is a real and ever present threat to a safe and properly functioning internet.
Since 2013 PryvateTM has joined individuals, organizations and NGO's in the work to provide secure communications platforms and safer internet.

- Our company has no access to any of the user's encryption keys - there is no 'man in the middle' - so it is impossible to leak, hack, collaborate or give away keys.
- We don't possess any sensitive information
- All communications are device-to-device. It is the PryvateTM app on your device that encrypts your voice, video or text, and the PryvateTM app on the recipient's device that encrypts theirs. No records exist of any communications and the encryption key is discarded.

Our Vision

Do you know who has access to your private information?
The communication revolution brought by the mobile phone has allowed us to share our most personal information, our innermost thoughts and our most intimate desires, fears and hopes with ... the governments of North Korea, China and Russia, with Google, Apple and Microsoft, with MI5, Her Majesties Revenue and Customs, Facebook, your internet service provider, insurance companies and (last but not least) criminal organisations that prey on the unwary and the unprotected.
In the old days, we all felt very strongly about privacy. If we thought that our most intimate correspondence was available to strangers, to use and perhaps abuse, we would have been horrified. Your personal diary, your letters, your family photos were only for people you wanted to share them with. We all instinctively understood the nature of something that went to the heart of our selfhood. Breaching this privacy, would have been an utter betrayal of trust.

Now, it is done as a matter of casual routine.

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