Mission Statement

Pryvate™ solves one of the most publicized problems in the world today:

– violations of our personal privacy and theft of our professional and commercial confidential information.

We restore privacy to your personal and business communications.

Key Points about Pryvate

  • Pryvate™ solves one of the critical, all-encompassing problems confronting the world today – the endless intrusion into, and violation of, our personal and commercial communications.
  • Pryvate secures all your daily digital communications – voice, instant messaging, email and web browsing.
  • Pryvate allows you and your family to surf the web in complete safety from intruders, stalkers and predators of every description.
  • Pryvate provides a way for every individual to help to protect the internet and its netizens.

Why Trust Pryvate?

  • Our company has no access to any of the user’s encryption keys – there is no ‘man in the middle’ – so it is impossible to leak, hack, collaborate or give away keys.
  • We don’t possess any sensitive information.
  • All communications are device-to-device. It is the Pryvate™ app on your device that encrypts your voice, video or text, and the Pryvate™ app on the recipient’s device that encrypts theirs. No records exist of any communications and the encryption key is discarded.
  • All core components are open source; we have nothing to hide.

Why Trust Pryvate

Pryvate™ takes very seriously the threat by criminals to undermine the proper and useful purpose of the Internet.

Professionals in the Communications Technology industry accept that inadequate or faulty security is a real and ever present threat to a safe and properly functioning internet.

Pryvate™ has joined individuals, organisations and NGO’s in the work to provide secure communications platforms and safer internet.

It’s No Secret, We Deserve PRIVACY!

“Finally a product I trust. Pryvate™ is just what I was looking for.
I use this app every day and love the freedom…”

– B Hunter, USA

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