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Jul 11

‘Black phones’ increase likelihood of hacking

KPMG argues that super-secure devices will be red flag to criminals Auditor and professional services firm KPMG has warned that the use of stealth “black phones,” like the recently unveiled Boeing Black, may make people a bigger target for hackers. Stephen Bonner, partner at the Information Protection and Business Resilience... read more →
Apr 24
Apr 04
Feb 21
Feb 13
Feb 09

Is YOUR Phone Safe?

Hackers can attack your phone via 76 popular iOS apps. Pryvate recommend that iCloud backup should be turned off wherever possible .
Feb 06

Groups that need Privacy

Sexual and Gender-Based Rights Activists In many countries, LGBT individuals rely on encryption tools for their safety. Uganda’s LGBT activists use and teach encryption, for example, because death threats have been directed against some members of the LGBT community in their country and there have been several attempts to pass... read more →
Dec 29
Apr 26

Messaging apps jumping on the encryption bandwagon offer a false sense of security

In the last couple of weeks we have seen consumer messaging giants WhatsApp and Viber retrospectively add end-to-end encryption technology to their communications platforms. The notion of providing users with improved security is certainly to be applauded, and seeing messaging apps adopt encryption as a necessity as opposed to simply... read more →
Apr 06
(Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

Pryvate™ welcomes increased encryption on Messaging apps…A Step in the Right Direction!

It is fantastic news that more and more messaging platforms are coming to realise that encryption is a must have feature, however there are real concerns that retrospectively incorporating encrypted services will create loopholes that could be exploited. Businesses and consumers are now starting to understand the real risk of... read more →
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