Pryvate™ Pro Encryption

Military-Grade Encryption for Personal and Business Communications

Our mobile lives are constantly on display. All our personal, professional and financial information is available to anyone who wishes to obtain it and use it for their own purposes. So, take back your privacy and secure your communications with Pryvate™ Pro! With Pryvate™ Pro you can fully encrypt your voice and video calls, instant messages and emails, picture sharing and conference calls. With Pryvate™ Pro you can be sure that all your sensitive information is shared with the intended recipient – and nobody else.

What’s Included?

Secure Private Voice

Secure Private Video

Secure Private IM

Secure Private Email

Secure File Transfer

Secure File Storage

30-Day Free Trial

Defaults to Pryvate™

Pin-Encrypted Privacy

Multiple-User Management

Secure Conference Calls

Encryption Features

  • Unlimited FREE encrypted calls and IM
  • Protect your communications from prying eyes
  • Strongest available encryption on the market today
  • No encryption keys stored by, or even known to, Pryvate™
  • So secure, not even we have access to it!
  • Works across 3G and 4G networks including Wi-Fi. On-the-go security!
  • Pryvate™ Lite FREE version gives you free calling and more!
  • Seamless security integration
  • Secure encryption across voice, video, IM, email, file transfer and file storage
  • Anti-blocking enables communication despite tough firewalls and aggressive operators
  • Crystal clear voice calling and video conferencing
  • Corporate pricing available for multiple team members

Are you looking for security? Protect your private communications from prying eyes, hackers and more with Pryvate™ Pro!  Secure military-grade encryption for your voice calls, video calls, instant messaging, file sharing, emails and secure file storage! Protect confidentiality, privacy, trade secrets, as well as your health and financial records.

Triple-layer security ensures that existing infrastructure and policies are respected and continue to be used without relearning or costly changes to procedures. Seamless 4096-bit security integration means that you take care of business while we handle security! No illogical extra actions required. Just access the app and communicate as normal.

Want to know how individuals can benefit from Pryvate™ Pro?

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Want to know how businesses can benefit from Pryvate™ Pro?

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Finally, I can have secure on-the-go meetings from airports, hotels, mobile networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. I have absolute security for calls and messaging including secure conference and video meetings.
- J Anderson, USA

Secure your communications now with Pryvate™ for only $5.62/month

Pryvate™ now for all of your personal and professional needs

Review each plan and choose which works best for you!

Pryvate Pro™

for Mobile


$5.62per month
  • Secure Private Voice
  • Secure Private Video
  • Secure Private IM/Picture Share
  • Secure Private Email
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Secure File Storage
  • GUI to Manage Accounts
  • Self Destruct Instant Message
  • Anti Blocking
  • Online Support
  • Screenshot Notification
  • 30 day Free Trial
  • Default to Pryvate™ Lite

“Finally a product I trust. Pryvate™ is just what I was looking for.
I use this app every day and love the freedom…”

– B Hunter, USA

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