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PRYVATE Solves one of the Critical and all encompassing problems conforting the world today-the endless intrusion into, and violation of, our personal and commercial communication.

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image Encrypted Voice Calls (VOIP)

  • All your calls are free (VOIP)- No roaming charges or hidden cost

  • Connection Via 3G/4G, EDGE, GPRS, LTE, UMTS, HSPA, W-CDMA, & WIFI

  • All your calls are secure encrypted and completely private

  • Encryption keys are automatically created on your smartphone for each individual calls only

  • These single section only keys are never stored or known to PRYVATE

  • User to user for all PRYVATE communications. No servers in the middle, so no record of any voice conversation

  • Video encrypted, unique keys per call

  • Conferencing- encrypted audio ( conference runs on device, subscriber initiates the conference by calling the other parties and adding them to the conference )

image Encrypted Video Calls

  • Different types of video streams for different price brackets

  • Region-specific videos

  • Media or device-specific videos

  • Software-specific videos

  • Adaptive streaming

  • Secure Video Encryption and Privacy (never known to us)

  • ZRTP Protocol negotiates a key between two VoIP end points

  • A Video with codecs : VP8 (WebM), H263, H263-1998, MPEG4, theora and H264 (thanks to aplugin based on x 264), with resolutions from QCIF(176x144) to SVGA(800x600) provided that network bandwidth and cpu power are sufficient.

image Encrypted Private IM

IM Encryption
The number of potential hackers and government agencies that may be monitoring your online conversations, including your instant messages has never been higher. If you’re using an open wireless connection, there are numerous free software packages that can intercept unencrypted Instant Messaging (IM) communications. Even password protected wireless networks leave you vulnerable to monitoring from your broadband or software providers. It is therefore essential that you consider your online security when it comes to instant messaging – whether you use it for personal or business purposes.

What is IM Encryption?
Off-The-Record (OTR) messaging is a cryptographic protocol, designed to provide encryption for instant messaging conversations. It ensures the messages in an IM conversation do not have digital signatures and therefore cannot be monitored.

image Secure Pryvate Email

  • Securely designate any or all of users current email addresses and services

  • Agnostic platform; Android to IOS or vice versa

  • Easy to maintain for IT staff, as users can keep existing technology and procedures. There is no need for re-training on new platforms.

  • 3G, EDGE, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, W-CDMA, & Wi-Fi connections

  • Encryption keys are automatically created on users smartphones for each individual email – with the associated single-session keys never stored or known to Pryvate™

  • All communication between a user’s app and the server is fully encrypted, TLS-based or RSA4096-protected

  • Key material that is encrypted for sending to the server in-device is done by using the public key of an RSA4096 key pair

  • The connection between app and server is therefore considered unbreakable using current techniques and technology.

image Secure File Transfer

Secure File Transfer
If you are after the peace of mind that your important files will be able to be safely transferred without of the worry of them being intercepted by someone else, Pryvate™ has the ideal solution for you. Pryvate™ secure file transfer will allow you to transfer your private files or data securely using military grade encryption. You will be able to safely transfer your data from your personal device, via email or by utilising file sharing programmes such as Dropbox, One Drive, or BOX securely. Your secure file transfer will be free from prying eyes, competition, hackers and more when you use Pryvate™.

The file storage component of Pryvate™ also works when you want to encrypt a big file and have it delivered to a third party by means of CD/DVD/USB storage device. The Pryvate™ app will automatically encrypt your file and store it in the inbox of the app instead of sending via email. When the recipient has the file on their device, they simply click the .pry message and the app works its magic. File transfers are now made securely, privately and protected.

image Secure File Storage

Secure File Storage
As part of the secure file transfer process, Pryvate™ secure file storage can protect your personal or corporate files utilising secure military grade encryption. Whether you are storing your files on a device, PC, laptop or using a file share programme such as Dropbox or BOX, Pryvate™ will ensure that your files are encrypted and safe from any potential hackers, corporate espionage or the competition.Encrypted files are stored without being ‘sent’ as with traditional email. The Pryvate™ application allows the encrypted files to be securely stored on your device.

Encrypted files are stored without being ‘sent’ as with traditional email. The Pryvate™ application allows the encrypted files to be securely stored on your device. They can also be stored securely on external devices such as CD/DVD’s or USB devices. The decryption key is never located on the device/location therefore your securely stored files are safe. If your device should be lost or stolen you can feel confident that your files cannot be compromised.

What Customers Say!

IPatrick Robinson

Great easy to use encryption Works without issue on my HTC ONE M8. Video quality is impressive. The conference calling capability has proven to be an unexpected bonus.

David keene

Pryvate security app Fantastic, works seamlessly on my galaxy note 3.. I have tried a few of these and this is by far the best!

Tyson Marks

Calls are crystal clear!! The call quality on this app better than my default carrier's call quality! Also it allows a sense of comfort knowing my communication is encrypted. Love the idea

Heikin Ashi

This is excellent! It seems that developers have been hard at work debugging their app. With many useful features in the pipeline and being crypto friendly this is the communications mobile app to go for.

Craig Ral Ton

Looking towards the next version with the Crypto Wallet and Fiat/Crypto exchange. Even the last version seems a lot more stable, sorting out a few bugs in the old voice comms tools